Commercial Cleaning Services in Austin

Top-Performing Specialists

At Anago of Austin, our cleaning professionals are among the best in the industry. We set high standards for our company so that we can guarantee our clients are receiving superior services. Each one of our specialists has passed extensive background checks and drug tests and is fully licensed and bonded. Ongoing training is implemented so that we are fully up-to-date on best practices in the cleaning industry. The exceptional services we provide make it very hard to compete with us. If you want to see a visible difference in the cleanliness of your business, Anago of Austin is the right company for you.

If your Austin business needs a team of exceptional commercial cleaners, call Anago of Austin today at (512) 980-3741.

Germ Mitigation for Any Business

Getting your business through flu season without a significant loss of productivity is difficult. At Anago of Austin, we specialize in providing a professional-level clean for just about any business. We want to help you minimize sick days by properly sterilizing your workspace. Our reusable microfiber cloths remove up to 99% of germs and bacteria and our HEPA/ULPA filtration vacuums remove up to three times more dirt and particles than standard-filtered vacuums. Our specialists pay close attention to common office germ hotspots and use hospital-grade disinfectants to prevent them from spreading.

Common office germ hotspots include:

  • Door handles
  • Telephones
  • Elevator buttons
  • Copier machines
  • Conference room tables
  • Break room appliances
  • Light switches
  • Desktops
  • Door frames

Our representatives are available 24/7. Call today at (512) 980-3741 to schedule a free on-site consultation.